Rnagata Jeep (not RC)

Rnagata writes:

A lot of inspiration for this jeep came from others I found on the Sixth Army Group
So thanks for the tips!

I started this project before I knew about the Dragon Jeep. So I was a little bummed that I had put so much work into converting a Hasbro. So I tried to make it even more detailed than the Dragon, which I think I succeeded in. As I stated in the subject of the thread, it’s also an RC conversion, so I’ll have to post a video of it in action when I get a chance. The coolest detail I added was a working steering wheel. I replaced the solid steering column with a brass tube and connected the steering mechanism to the servo that controls the front tires. So the steering wheel moves when the jeep turns! My hope is to get the driver’s arms to move by attaching them to the wheel.

The headlights and rear blackout lights also work, which I will post a photo of when I get a chance. I made tiny lenses for them with the 4 red “v” marks that were used on WWII vehicles in blackout conditions, so the lighting is completely accurate. The reflectors on the back also work as they are clear red lenses with scotchbrite behind them.

Accept for the main body, pretty much everything is scratch-built; the windscreen and rifle holder, canopy bows, the .30 caliber mg mount, rear bumperettes, front bumper, real cloth seats, the fuel tank under the driver seat, the dash supports, shovel and axe hardware, the decontaminator, the grill, etc, etc. I even added a real brass mini Pyrene fire extinguisher under the dashboard. All the labels were waterslides created by me in Illustrator.

I was trying to make a Jeep as it might look sometime around D-day, so it has a 48 star flag with fording instructions in the windshield and shipping data painted on the side. All the markings on the jeep were painted on with stencils I made in illustrator. It was a real pain cutting those tiny letter out with an xacto!